Welcome to my monthly stats page!
This is where I offer you the most up to date information when it comes to Fort McMurray real estate.  As well I give you previous months information for you to compare. Visit my social media to view my weekly stats updates as well.
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February 2020 Single Family Home

February 2020 Condo Apartment

February 2020 Duplex

February 2020 Townhouse 

February 2020 Mobile with Land

February 2020 Vacant Lots

January 2020 Single Family Homes

January 2020 Condo Apartment

January 2020 Duplex

January 2020 Townhouse 

January 2020 Mobile with Land

January 2020 Vacant Lots 

December 2019 Single Family Homes

December 2019 Condo Apartment

December 2019 Duplex

December 2019 Townhouses

December 2019 Mobile with Land

December 2019 Vacant Land

November 2019 Single Family Homes

November 2019 Condo Apartment

November 2019 Duplex

November 2019 Townhouse

November 2019 Mobile with Land

November 2019 Vacant Lot 

October 2019 Single Family 

October 2019 Condo Apartment

October 2019 Duplex

October 2019 Townhouse

October 2019 Mobile with Land

October 2019 Vacant Lot 

September 2019 Single Family Home 

September 2019 Condo Apartment

September 2019 Duplex

September 2019 Townhouse

September 2019 Mobile with Land 

September 2019 Vacant Lot