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Melanie Galea

Sales Representative

My priority as your real estate agent is understanding your needs, and helping you make the smartest decisions for you. That's what I believe an agent is meant to do.

I am an expert in all aspects of real estate, but I specialize in relocation. I know the ins and outs of relocation in Fort McMurray, and I'm ready to guide you through it smoothly. I embrace technology, which means you will have a competitive advantage if you work with me. As my client, I want you to benefit from all the modern assets available to you.

I work best with clients who appreciate a personal touch, an agent who takes the time to understand their situation. My clients appreciate that I'm a paperless agent who embraces technology. I appreciate a sense of humour, and I love taking my clients to look at properties with a Starbucks in hand. I really believe the experience of buying or selling can be something we can enjoy. The people I work with end up feeling comfortable telling me what they really think about properties, because I make an effort to build a relationship of trust. It's the best way to give my loyal clients the results that they expect and deserve.

Do you know what it's like to work with an agent who really puts herself in your shoes? Click here to contact me and find out!

Get in touch

Contact Details

Cell Phone: 780-715-4621

Office Phone: 780-715-4621

E-mail: melanie@soldbymelanie.ca

#215-8520 Manning Ave, Fort McMurray, AB T9H 5G2

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